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April 24, 2023

9 mm Shell Casing and Paracord Bracelet

I pick up the brass casings after target practice.  For some reason, I have these delusions that someday I'll spend the money on the equipment and the time to reload the casings, or that I will accumulate enough of them at some point to make it worthwhile to recycle them for money.  Ha! Never gonna happen.  So I used some of them, along with paracord, to make little flexible bracelets to put into geocaches.  I made five of them and then ran out of the heavy-gauge wire I used to make them.  


Here are the geocaches where they were placed:

#1 of 5:  Dropped in GCZ87K on 8/13/2023

#2 of 5:  Dropped in GC90 (the first and oldest cache in Mississippi) on 9/20/2023

#3 of 5:  Dropped in GC45XHJ on 9/25/2023

#4 of 5: Dropped in GC8GAJ0 on 1/29/2024

#5 of 5: Dropped in GC13E31 on 3/17/2024

Have you picked one of these up?  Let me know in the comments.  I especially want to know if they survived the harsh conditions inside a cache, so that I can figure out improvements in the future.  

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