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October 19, 2022

Signature Cabochons

Most geocaches I run into these days are on the small side, so I decided that I needed to make something small enough that I can drop into these caches.  I've seen this type of DIY geoswag in other caches before, so I am copying the idea.  These pieces are glass cabochons on which I have glued cardstock that I've printed with the geocaching logo and signature with the QR code on the back.  Sealed with a coat of Polycrylic.  Not going to bother to number these since there isn't much handiwork involved in making them.  Maybe at some point I will do cabochons that involve a little more craftiness, but for now, this is my SWAG solution for small caches.

Caches where I've dropped these:


  1. Me and my daughter found this today geocaching. Spirit Wolf and Little Hawk. We found others but this is top because it comes with a story. This type of stash is one of the things we look for and prefer. Just little picture stones. Thank you so much. Now we have more goals.

  2. So glad you found it!

  3. Hi I found the one you dropped at a cache near the Grand Canyon, I loved it. I’ll bring the one I found to Milan,Italy so it can travel. It’ll be in a new cache in the next few week. I wanted to ask you a question too. I don’t really understand what trackables are. the thing you placed Doesn’t have the code that lets access the information regarding it on the geocaching app right?

    1. Hi, this isn't really a trackable. Consider it SWAG and yours to keep. I put the QR code on it so you can come to this page and read about it and the SWAG I make.

      I do place discoverable ATC's in caches (see that have an "official" tracking number but these are also meant for the finder to keep and not circulate.

      Feel free to email me if this doesn't make sense and you have more questions!