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September 6, 2023

Artist Trading Card: Fire - Elijah on Mt. Carmel

Acrylic on heavy cardstock, sealed with polycrylic for water resistance.

A depiction of Elijah on Mt. Carmel.  Whether you believe or not, it is, IMO, one of the more entertaining stories of the Bible. It tells the tale of Elijah, who trolls the prophets of Baal and Asherah into a contest.  They lose miserably when their deities fail and the Lord reveals himself as the one true God. 

If you've found one of these and want to discover the geocoin associated with it, input the trackable number on the back of the card at

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Where did I drop these?

#1 of 10 - In personal collection

#2 of 10 - Pending

#3 of 10 - 9/30/2023 in GC126, the first and oldest cache in Alabama

#4 of 10 - Pending

#5 of 10 - Pending

#6 of 10 - Pending

#7 of 10 - Pending

#8 of 10 - Pending

#9 of 10 - Pending

#10 of 10 - Dropped on 9/20/2023 into GC90, the first and oldest cache in Mississippi

May 4, 2023

"Moonglow" Bottle Caps

The glass cabochons I made as SWAG that I can put into smaller geocaches were boring.  Here is my second attempt at making small SWAG.  I've seen other DIY SWAG where people have glued charms or other things like logo images into bottle caps.  Here is my take on the bottle cap medallion.

.Alcohol ink on foil, adhered to a cardstock base and sealed with a water-based epoxy substitute and resin sticker on a black craft bottlecap.  I made 24 of these.

Where these ended up:

1 of 24:  Pending

2 of 24:  8/14/2023 in GC4TN73 

3 of 24:  8/16/2023 in GCW7QG

4 of 24:  5/20/2023 in GC8H1BT

5 of 24:  7/19/2023 in GC7C9K0

6 of 24:  8/11/2023 in GC1WHZ8

7 of 24:  Pending

8 of 24:  Pending

9 of 24:  Pending

10 of 24:  Pending

11 of 24:  Pending

12 of 24:  Pending

13 of 24:  Pending

14 of 24:  Pending

15 of 24:  Pending

16 of 24:  Pending

17 of 24:  Pending

18 of 24:  Pending

19 of 24:  Pending

20 of 24:  Pending

21 of 24:  9/21/2023 in GC7Q83X

22 of 24:  Pending

23 of 24:  Pending

24 of 24:  Pending

Alcohol Ink Jenga Block Charms

Still playing with alcohol inks.  

Alcohol ink on craft plastic on a gold metallic painted Jenga block.  Sealed with kamar varnish and polycrylic to make it water-resistant.  With an eyescrew and jump ring for hanging.  

I made 12 of these.

What geocaches did these end up in?

1 of 12: 7/14/2023 in GC3XF1T

2 of 12: 9/28/2023 in GC80EMZ 

3 of 12: 8/8/2023 in GCJ2RF

4 of 12: 5/19/23 in GC6TVGR

5 of 12: Pending

6 of 12: Pending

7 of 12: Pending

8 of 12: Pending

9 of 12: Pending

10 of 12: 8/22/2023 in GC8B43J

11 of 12: Pending

12 of 12: Pending

April 26, 2023

Artist Trading Card (ATC): Space

 Alcohol ink on craft plastic to be water-resistant.  Stamped with Versafine pigment ink.  Sealed with Kamar Varnish and Krylon Gloss coat.

I've had alcohol inks sitting around for a couple of years now, and I'm only now getting around to trying them.  Faced with the challenge of trying to make a water-resistant card, now was a good time to finally give them a try.  Being my first attempt at working with alcohol ink, these cards are simple, one-color alcohol ink backgrounds with a stamped image of a child in space holding a balloon arrangement of planets. Each one is unique, because that is the nature of alcohol ink.

If you've found one of these and want to discover my geocoin, input the trackable number on the back of the card at

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Where did I drop these?

#1 of 10 - In personal collection

#2 of 10 - Dropped in GCA1K2B on 7/27/2023

#3 of 10 - Dropped in GC2ERHE on 7/28/2023

#4 of 10 - Dropped in GC1BD5 on 9/16/2023

#5 of 10 - Dropped in GC3XF75 on 8/18/2023

#6 of 10 - Dropped in GC970KN on 8/13/2023

#7 of 10 - Dropped in GC9TX0A on 7/25/2023

#8 of 10 - Dropped in GCA8F5V on 5/21/2023 (my first FTF!)

#9 of 10 - Dropped in GC2TJMP on 8/2/2023

#10 of 10 - Dropped in GCH7CC on 8/4/2023

Discoverable Artist Trading Cards

I've found a few cache cards in my time geocaching.  These signature swag items left by fellow geocachers usually have a photo of the geocacher and perhaps some bits of their geocaching history.  In my recent travels, I found a cache card that had a discoverable tracking number on it (discoverable at  Fun!  This inspired me to make my own caching card, but with a crafty TXGeekette spin.  Instead of a typical cache card, I decided to make a series of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) with the discoverable tracking number for one of the geocoins I have that I won't be putting into circulation.  

I'll be making a total of 100 (A series of 10 with 10 editions) cards with the discoverable trackable number from this geocoin:

If you want to learn more about the ATC you've found and where I dropped each one, click on the link related to your series of cards below.  I've designed all of them to be water-resistant so that they have a fighting chance of survival within the harsh conditions of an outdoor geocache.

To see my non-ATC DIY swag:  Other signature geoswag I've made.