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April 26, 2023

Artist Trading Card (ATC): Space

 Alcohol ink on craft plastic to be water-resistant.  Stamped with Versafine pigment ink.  Sealed with Kamar Varnish and Krylon Gloss coat.

I've had alcohol inks sitting around for a couple of years now, and I'm only now getting around to trying them.  Faced with the challenge of trying to make a water-resistant card, now was a good time to finally give them a try.  Being my first attempt at working with alcohol ink, these cards are simple, one-color alcohol ink backgrounds with a stamped image of a child in space holding a balloon arrangement of planets. Each one is unique, because that is the nature of alcohol ink.

If you've found one of these and want to discover my geocoin, input the trackable number on the back of the card at  It is otherwise yours to keep.  Do with it what you please.

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Where did I drop these?

#1 of 10 - In personal collection

#2 of 10 - Dropped in GCA1K2B on 7/27/2023

#3 of 10 - Dropped in GC2ERHE on 7/28/2023

#4 of 10 - Dropped in GC1BD5 on 9/16/2023

#5 of 10 - Dropped in GC3XF75 on 8/18/2023

#6 of 10 - Dropped in GC970KN on 8/13/2023

#7 of 10 - Dropped in GC9TX0A on 7/25/2023

#8 of 10 - Dropped in GCA8F5V on 5/21/2023 (my first FTF!)

#9 of 10 - Dropped in GC2TJMP on 8/2/2023

#10 of 10 - Dropped in GCH7CC on 8/4/2023

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