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November 22, 2021

My first Unboxing of a Cache Advance Cache Crate (November 2021)


I strongly hinted to hubs that I would like to try a short-term subscription to the Cache Crate from Cache Advance.  Given that he is the awesome, fabulous husband that is surpassed by no one, he obviously complied.  I am not sure at this point how long of a subscription he bought me, but I am assuming it's for a few months at least. 

Here is what I received on 11/23/2021 in my first Cache Crate, pictured above.  

  • A "cache shaped" cookie cutter (looks like a slice of bread to me). It's in in the brown organza bag.
  • A Route 66 Geocoin
  • A GIFF set consisting of:  A patch (iron-on?  I assume so),  sticker, and a wooden nickel
  • A set of 3 decals (female, male, satellite) 
A Cache Crate retails for $25 + S&H.  I'll have to look up the total amount at some point to figure out the exact cost. 

I am unfortunately quite disappointed with my first Cache Crate.  Probably the most worthwhile thing in the box was the Route 66 Geocoin, but it's hard for me to figure out the value on that, given that it is a 3rd party issue.  Is it worth a $25 + S&H "surprise"?  Maybe.  But my impression so far is that it was a bunch of low-value junk that I wouldn't have bothered to pay for myself, even at a discount.  More than half of what I got was stickers.  Seriously?  STICKERS.  I could have crafted better things (and have done so and put them in caches)  myself for the a lesser price.  While the Geocoin is nice, whether it is worth it as a collectible is questionable at this point.


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