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September 11, 2020

 Bubbles Micro Log Roller

Just like the Floaters keychain I made previously, these keychains are made of champagne cork to make it somewhat buoyant.  This should help you retrieve your keys more easily if you drop them in water while you are caching.  Also like the Floaters, the geocaching symbol has been decoupaged and sealed with polycrylic onto the cork with my signature, 山蜂.  Attached to the jumpring is also my signature bee in the form of either a silver or bronze charm.  The twist on these is that I've turned this into a micro log roller by inserting a cotter pin into the bottom of the cork. If you have had to struggle with rolling micro logs tightly and neatly enough to get them back into their tiny caches, you know how useful these things can be.  Many retailers sell these gadgets for USD $7-8, which IMO is way too much for what is essentially a 0.50 cent cotter pin jammed into a bison tube.  So congratulations!  You just got one for the mere price of a geocache trade.  (I hope you traded up or even :-))

Bubbles Log Rollers from #1-7 (L-R)

#3, #5 and #6 have silver bee charms, all others in the series have bronze charms.  You will notice that #4 also has the paracord wrap that I did for the Floaters.  That's because I had wrapped an extra cork for that project and used that extra one here.  So if you got #4, know that you also have about 3.5 feet of paracord at your disposal should you need it. 

Where were these dropped?

#1 of 7 - Dropped 06 Feb 2021 in GC8A3AP

#2 of 7 - Dropped 15 Oct 2021 in GC7G3A7

#3 of 7 - Dropped on 13 Apr 2023 in GC1R74W

#4 of 7 - Dropped on 09 June 2023 in GCWQ88

#5 of 7 - Dropped on 04 July 2021 in GCYQ9T

#6 of 7 - Dropped on 13 Apr 2023 in GC3HG7D

#7 of 7 - Dropped on 12 April 2023 in GCE1EE

Have you picked one of these up?  If so, I would love to hear what you think of it in the comments!


  1. Tuohey (Geo Tag Name)April 30, 2023 at 5:12 PM

    This is so neat my first one finding.6 out 7 one.Im new to Geocaching and love it.Then I came across this so neat.Very smart idea.

  2. We found floater #3 of 7 at Calderwood Dam today near the Dragon. It was so cool!! It seems like most of your swag items are in Texas, so it was awesome to get to see one way over here in TN. We actually left it there because we thought it was a travel bug and didn't have a spot to place it; I want to go back for it this weekend. Thank you!